Brunswick Naval Museum & Memorial Gardens

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Guided Tours

We are able to give tours of the museum. Currently what we have to offer until the renovation starts is the following:

  • Our Current Exhibit, "Brunswick's Naval Heritage, 68 Years of Vigilance"
  • The Flight Simulator
  • The Memorial Garden
  • The Friendship Garden
  • A large group of historical maps, property division plans and runway construction spec drawings. The most popular one shows the original runways with the current runways layered over them.
  • A walk around the building that explains the drawing below;
    • Our Curator's office.
    • P-3 aircraft parts and machinery from a retired aircraft stored until we establish the large exhibit space.
    • The old Catholic chapel and the plan to restore into a functioning non-denominational worship space.
    • The chapel which will become our main exhibit space.
    • The "Crying room" which will become the permanent home for the flight simulator.
    • The Sunday School wing and the plans for it's renovation. Some airfield artifacts are stored there as well.
    • Fellowship Hall and the plan to restore it and the kitchen.


floor plan

There are also places to explore on your own that don't need any guidance;

  • Outside the building is Veterans Park where the P-3C stands and several memorial plaques as well.
  • At the front entrance to Brunswick Landing is the "Gate Guard" P-2V Neptune.
  • A drive around the base to see what still stands and what has changed.


We are open for visitors on Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm and Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm.

If you are unavailable to visit on those days or would like to bring a group, visit the Contact Us page to see if we can set something up on an alternate day.